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PayPal VCC

PayPal VCC

What is PayPal? – PayPal is an online service provider to pay and to get paid anywhere in the world.

PayPal offers online money transaction facilities at minimum or no fee structure in three tire account solutions – Personal, Premier and Business. You can make payment and receive funds in 120 countries with secure payment processing systems. Although, personal PayPal account is free but Premier and Business accounts users shall have to pay a fixed defined fees per transaction on receiving funds. These two accounts are used by people doing online business at small level. Business PayPal accounts are for online business companies.

Premier and Business accounts need to be verified for many considerable reasons including security and interest of both buyers and sellers. To verify your premier and business PayPal accounts you need have a valid credit card. Most of the banks issue credit cards to their customers and using that one can verify his/her PayPal account.

If, somehow, it is not been able to get a credit card from bank, there is another solution for PayPal account verification which is authentic and widely accepted by PayPal users worldwide. It is called VCC – Virtual Credit Cards.

PayPal Virtual Credit Card is a wonderful solution for those who do not have credit card issued by their bank and they can use VCC for instant verification of their PayPal account with no trouble at all. will provide sufficient information and references on how and from where you can get a valid PayPal virtual credit card to get verified. We also publish meaningful content on various other cards like prepaid visa cards and secured credit cards.

Read and learn about Visa Gift Cards and PayPal Debit Cards. Visa gift card is an smart alternative to credit cards and debit cards which is used at any outlet which accepts Visa cards. Visa Gift Cards is used for purchase online up to the limit they have and the only difference between credit card, debit card and visa gift card is that credit cards and debit cards are issued for an individual and contain the name of that person whereas visa gift cards have no name mentioned on the card.

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